Git Prodigy Hits #2 in Amazon's Software Engineering Bestseller List

Git Prodigy Hits #2 in Amazon's Software Engineering Bestseller List thumbnail

I'm thrilled to share that as of September 16, 2023, "Git Prodigy," has earned the #2 spot in the Software Engineering category on Amazon's Bestseller List! This achievement is a reflection of the book's commitment to simplifying version control with Git and GitHub for tech enthusiasts around the globe — from beginners to seasoned programmers.

In Git Prodigy, I crafted a definitive guide that empowers readers of all experience levels to master Git, GitHub, and immerse themselves in the expansive world of open-source contributions. Seeing its ascent on Amazon's Bestseller List reinforces the importance of version control in today's software development landscape.

Every time I look at the Amazon Software Engineering list and see "Git Prodigy" holding its own at #2, it feels like my heart skips a beat. If we can make this happen, imagine what else we can achieve. Here's to dreaming big and working even bigger!

Getting Git Prodigy

If you're looking to get a solid grip on Git and GitHub, you can find "Git Prodigy" on Amazon. For the programming community in Nigeria, I've set up a direct link here on for you to overcome any Amazon-related hurdles.

Once again, thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Let's keep pushing boundaries and nurturing the developer community together!

Here's how I went from fear to mastery with Git and GitHub, and how you can too: Git Prodigy: A Journey from Fear to Mastery.

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