WebStack Challenge 3.0 - Build Instagram With ReactJS

WebStack Challenge 3.0 - Build Instagram With ReactJS thumbnail

Instagram App Requirements

Challenge Tutorial video

React Crash Course - Build An Instagram Clone (you can only access this with the email address used to register for the challenge)

QnA (Listen to this recording)

WebStack3 Twitter QnA

Deadline for submission

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

You’ll be assigned a repo from the NewDev organization on GitHub where you’ll raise a pull request to submit your project.

  • Important: In your Readme.md file, add a detailed description of your project and a link to your hosted app.

How you’ll be graded

  • Completion of all listed tasks below
  • Active participation in the WebStack challenge discord channel
  • Your Reputation score in the NewDev app
  • Ability to work on feedback
  • The quality of your stories
    • Stories should be detailed
    • More than one line
    • Contain enough information for everyone to know exactly what you worked on

User Actions

  • App should be responsive on mobile
  • User should see a message when there’s no item in the gallery
  • Use the useLiveQuery hook for bio details instead of the current React useState hook
  • To delete a photo, first display a modal that confirms if user is sure they want to delete
  • Show loading animation when images are being fetched from the database
  • User should be able to clear all items at once
  • New photos should be added to the top of the list. It's currently getting added to the bottom
  • App should work offline

Code Standards

  • Proper indentation
    • Preferably 2 spaces per indent
  • Understandable variable naming
  • Proper spacing and use of empty lines
  • Use of arrow functions
  • Use of const and let for variable declaration

App Requirements

  • Application should be built from the base project in the challenge tutorial
  • Application should be responsive
  • Application should work offline
  • Application should be installable
  • Application should be hosted on Netlify
  • Application should not use any external library apart from those used in challenge tutorial


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