Frontend Guide

Hey human, I'm Ebenezer Don. Welcome to your Frontend Guide!

The most important languages you need for your Frontend journey are HTML,  CSS and JavaScript. I recommend you learn each of these languages one step at a time; HTML first, CSS next, then JavaScript.

NewDev is your one-stop platform for learning resources. You’ll find friendly, well-detailed explanations from us, as well as references to articles and videos from other instructors outside NewDev.

Watch my web dev guide to get a visual understanding of the web development building blocks and some of the other methods of learning how to code:


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It's the standard language for displaying things on the web, and it's what we used to show this text you're reading. HTML is the first building block of every web page. You'll use it to give structure and meaning to your websites.

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CSS is what we use to make our web pages look good. It stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Without CSS, we won't be able to tell our web browsers that the buttons on this page should be coloured differently from the text. We used CSS to arrange the content of this page you're reading from, and if we didn't have CSS, all you'd see here would be plain black and white text without any design or uniform arrangement.

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When you , notice the toast notification that shows at the top of the page. JavaScript is the programming language we use to make our websites interactive. With JavaScript, we can tell our web page to do something in response to a user’s action.

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